Watching the news for the past few days is really an eye sour, it’s really sad to see all those devastation and lost of lives, more so for the people of Japan. My heart goes to those whom are still in suffering and require immediate help. May they able to stand up again and rebuild their home town. I have always admire their spirit and i know they will prevail. May those who have parished found internal peace and may God blesses all of us.

I don’t have any appropriate painting for such a horrific occasion, but i hope this painting could lighten the mood. This is the pamelo fruit, it’s really juicy and especially nice to eat during really hot seasons. It’s also an auspicious fruit which many local chinese display them for good fortune during the Chinese New Year. May good fortune befallen whom need the most.


5 Responses to “Pamelo”

  1. A beautiful post and a beautiful painting. I, like you, have been praying for the people of Japan. May they be able to recover soon.

    Love your fruit. I don’t think I’ve ever had one. But it sure is pretty.

  2. I share your sentiment for Japan as they recover from this terrible tragedy, Francis.
    Your fruit glows. The light on it, alone, speaks good fortune.

  3. Lovely words and a very comforting work of art. You have said what many of us feel. Thank you!

  4. Francis, I have to tell you a funny happening. I had never heard of Pamelo until your post. This weekend there was an ad in our Sunday Newspaper advertizing Pomelos for sale. I’m sure their the same. I may be able to try one. Just such a strange coincidence!

  5. very ugly painting

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