Wow, it’s really been a while since i last wrote anything here. So sorry for the sudden drop off, last few weeks has been really hectic. Work, work and more work. Finally got some breather now.

I did manage to paint a few, actually just two. This is one of them. I notice since the disaster at Japan, a few of the rescue photo have been used widely in some of international and local news print. This is one of them. A child save by volunteers and rescue experts. I can’t help notice the face of this innocent kid seeing such a scale of disaster and rescued. No doubt she will grow up stronger but i also pray for those who lost their lives. Hope this painting bring some meaning to our every day existence, never give up, God always have plan for us.

Another one with closer take.


4 Responses to “Faces”

  1. Your painting is very special. The child looks uncertain and confused. Like you I admire the strength and unselfish spirit of the rescue workers and of all who were affected.

  2. Wow! you have captured the fear, sadness and urgency in this captured moment of time. Great job, and prayers for those still touched by this disaster.

  3. Beautiful portraiture of a sad moment in the lives of our neighbors. I can only imagine the feelings that must have coursed through you as you painted these three. Excellent, Francis.

  4. Beautiful and sensitive! You’ve captured a scary and frightening moment in this child’s life.

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