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Cha Kueh Vendor

Posted in Watercolors with tags , , , , , , , on December 31, 2012 by Francis Jong

Since this is going to be the last day of the year 2012 and humanity did not end on the 21st Dec, so i think i will just continue to post and life goes on. Just like to wish all my readers a wonderful New Year celebration, be safe and have fun and hope next year is even more amazing for you.

This is a Cha Kueh vendor, he normally works on a trishaw and parks at street corner or at hawker centre. The Cha Kueh (meaning fry cake in chinese Teochew dialect) is actually stir frying little square shape of soft white carrot cake with garlic and egg. you could order it either spicy or sweet. Very delicious, it’s a chinese Teochew delicacy and usually it’s eaten as breakfast. It can be found almost in any part of Malaysia and Singapore. The big “Wok” (saucer pan) is where the magic happen, mixing all the ingredients with a good fire, in a matter of minutes it’s done. The smell is just mouth-watering.

cha kueh vendor