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Petrol seller

Posted in Watercolors with tags , , , on January 22, 2013 by Francis Jong

>Brand new year with a brand new start. Hope everyone have a good rest and a begin the year with a fresh start. chinese New Year is just around the corner, wish everyone have a great snake year ahead and farewell to the dragon, it’s a good ride indeed, bumpy but still manage.

This is a painting i did during last year December, we went back to Kuching for christmas. So we did make a trip Grandma old house at Samarahan. Nothing much left of the old house, overgrown with bush and sort, only the rusted zink roof can be seen, hide behind those banana trees. See picture below.

old house

while on the way back saw a few small stalls selling fuel for motorbike. What caught my eyes is the pepsi, coke or sprite bottle used as storage for the volatile fuel. Kinda dangerous but what the heck, i guess business sense rule all other senses, include common sense. I was wondering what happen if the biker cigarette burning aches just somehow blown and contact with the fuel. Unthinkable.

Hope you enjoy this painting.

oil vendor


Grandma House

Posted in Watercolors with tags , , on November 15, 2010 by Francis Jong

Another sentimental piece, i have been wanted to paint this for a while now but just can’t find the right time to do it. It’s really a fond memories of going to this house (House no longer there but the coconut trees still around and surounded by tall bushes), at times i could still smell the greenery, the burning coconut husk and the calling of the wild pegion or “puk ku”.

I think i did post a sketch on my grandma house before, this is a version of the actual house. Posting from left to right is my grandma (God bless her soul) strong and stout person, she single handedly manage all the hardwork on the plantation for many many years. It’s very tough but i guess she is used to the life. Standing next to her is my mom and little me and my dad.

Hope you like this painting.

Grandma House – fishing for Crab

Posted in Sketches, Watercolors with tags , , , , , on December 11, 2009 by Francis Jong

Well promise is a promise, this is another one of Grandma house sketch, now this are the man made streams nearby the house, the stream are used for transporting harvested coconuts or cocoa by small “sampan” (wooden boat) to nearby collection point. As seen from the sketch, the stream water level are control by series of dam, especially useful during dry seasons. Lots of mud crab in those streams during those days, well mud crab aren’t that popular in the market back then mostly just consume locally by farmers well all those change now as restaurant now offer gourmet mud crab dishes nowadays. If you can see carefully there is a contraption (next to the man pulling the string from the water), it’s a square curved net with rotten fish head hanging in the middle. This are lowered into the stream and wait for movement on the string. Once they moved, just quickly pull them up there u have your crab. Pretty easy actually especially and they are hungry. Hope you like this sketch.

Grandma House

Posted in Sketches, Watercolors with tags , , , , , , on December 2, 2009 by Francis Jong

Looking at Leslie Grandma house painting makes me wanted to share mine too. This is a sketch i done on the house which is located at Samarahan district. The area is kind of swampy therefore ideal for coconut and cocoa plantation and this are the type of job my grandma do. It’s a tought job but she was a tough lady and may God bless her soul. Although the house no longer there, swallowed by the jungle and so are the plantation but my child hood memories still quit vivid. I can still imagine myself listening to the wild pigeon singing, stream flowing nearby and the mud skipper happily sun bathing under the coconut bridge and not forgetting the evergreen fauna. Nowadays most houses are built on bricks and machinery take over labourers task, the good old days are gone.

Hope you like the sketch