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Raining Season

Posted in Watercolors with tags , , , , , on November 16, 2011 by Francis Jong

As the title says, rain, rain and more rains. Well it’s the monsoon season now at Kuala Lumpur. Hope it won’t be as bad as Thailand, i hope things are better now and may their livelihood are back to normal. The weatherman predicts heavy then usual rains will hit Malaysia too,it’s forecast to be continuously heavy for the next few months. The government and the relevent agencies are preparing for it, hope it’s just prediction. It’s gloomy but not prolong, sunshine is just behind those dark cloud, brighter days ahead soon.

Raining scene always amaze me, the blurring effect that makes the scenery unreal. It’s really a challenge to put all this on paper, and so i try. Hope you will like this raining scene at Kuala Lumpur. The backdrop is the twin tower and the monorail tracks. What can be worse than got stuck in a traffic jam, dark cloud and the imminent heavy down pour. You be lucky if you are in a car, protected from the elements.