Lemang Day

Posted in Watercolors with tags , , , , , , on November 8, 2011 by Francis Jong

Well some of you might wonder what is “Lemang”? You can search it from the wiki, oh don’t bother, basically its glutenous rice, mixed with coconut and cook on an open wood fire in a bamboo shoot seal with banana leaf. There you have it, aromatic, sticky and mouth-watering dish, can be eaten in any occasion and most of the time eat it with beef rendang (dried beef with spice) or just chicken curry. Most of the time it’s eaten during festive such as Hari Raya or during the muslim fasting month but it’s not limited to that, you can get it in any other day as a quick snack if you are on the go, say on a road trip along the road and you sure to pass by some small “kampung” or villages which sell these wonderful “lemang”. It’s food that needs to be share, it might be a bit too much to be finished by one person but most important it’s the good time you share with friends or relatives,

This “lemang” stall is set up nearby my house, they sell it almost everyday. Occasionally people drop by and have a take away. The backdrop is a small mosque with the golden top. Heavy cloud and rain in the distance, maybe another “lemang” will be nice, chewing on a hot snack, the welcoming cool breeze and listening to the rain drops.

Hope you enjoy your “lemang” and may you have a great and wonderful week ahead.


Ray ban

Posted in Watercolors with tags , , , on October 31, 2011 by Francis Jong

Looking back at some old photo during the weekend and stumble on this particular one. I was in Shell Port Dickson, training to become an Operation Technician. I think it’s one of those really good times, hanging out with all the boys, young and naive. Drinking beers and be foolish. It’s just great, you, the sea breeze and the night shifts. SOmetimes during the off days, just ride the old bike (bicycle) and strolling leisurely along the beach shore and enjoy a hot bun (big pau). Yes, fashion of those days are imitating Stallone and Kurt Russell macho style. Tight jeans and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Hope you like this painting and do have a smashing week ahead and be safe.

Mother and Child 2

Posted in Watercolors with tags , , , , on October 24, 2011 by Francis Jong

Thought of doing a portrait over the weekend, this time leave the white as background. So i refer to the photo which we took at a photo shot for kids during mid of the year. I’m still amaze on how the photographer able to capture my kid. I myself can’t even capture him smiling. Now that is skill.

Hope you enjoy this painting. You have a great week ahead and be safe. Keep smiling please.

Kids Just Wana Have Fun

Posted in Watercolors with tags , , , on October 17, 2011 by Francis Jong

We got lots of lovely photo shot during my son birthday dinner recently, this is from one of the shots. More to come soon. I hope to make it a series but too tempting to draw other subject too. They have such a great fun and of course the cake is even nicer, finished every last bit of it.

Hope you enjoy this painting and have a smashing fun week ahead.

Mother and child

Posted in Watercolors with tags , , , on October 11, 2011 by Francis Jong

Just finished this painting during the weekends. Have been eying to paint this picture for quite a while now so finally got the time to do it. This is reference to a photo taken during last year christmas at the shopping mall, i try to get the colors right, the original picture is mostly in orange due to the mall lighting.

Hope you like this painting and have a great week ahead and be safe.

My Niece and Nephew

Posted in Watercolors with tags , , , on October 4, 2011 by Francis Jong

Got some spare time two weeks ago, so i start to paint beautiful people. I reference to my sister photo sent to me during her chinese new year at Miri this year. Wow, my two wonderful niece and nephew have really grown up. They can even post for photo now, so adorable. It’s actually a separate photo session, but i combine them into a single painting.

Dennis and Randell, this is for you, may both of you grow up healthy, strong and smart. Of course a zillion time smarter than your uncle lar. God bless you and all of us.

Hope you all like this painting and may you have a wonderful week and a relaxing weekend ahead. Take care.

Under the papaya tree

Posted in Watercolors with tags , , , , on September 29, 2011 by Francis Jong

This is captured during our recent trip going back to Kuching during chinese New Year. My son for the first time seeing papaya and star fruits hanging from the tree, so my dad pick him up and showing him that fruits actually grows on tree not from supermarket. He is excited, and he also get to play with snails and other critters which we don’t get to see it in the big city.

Hope you like this painting and may you have a good week and a wonderful weekend ahead.

Here’s one which i took when the painting is still in progress.