Petrol seller

>Brand new year with a brand new start. Hope everyone have a good rest and a begin the year with a fresh start. chinese New Year is just around the corner, wish everyone have a great snake year ahead and farewell to the dragon, it’s a good ride indeed, bumpy but still manage.

This is a painting i did during last year December, we went back to Kuching for christmas. So we did make a trip Grandma old house at Samarahan. Nothing much left of the old house, overgrown with bush and sort, only the rusted zink roof can be seen, hide behind those banana trees. See picture below.

old house

while on the way back saw a few small stalls selling fuel for motorbike. What caught my eyes is the pepsi, coke or sprite bottle used as storage for the volatile fuel. Kinda dangerous but what the heck, i guess business sense rule all other senses, include common sense. I was wondering what happen if the biker cigarette burning aches just somehow blown and contact with the fuel. Unthinkable.

Hope you enjoy this painting.

oil vendor


5 Responses to “Petrol seller”

  1. Linda Halcomb Says:

    Francis, wonderful work. You just get better and better. Thank you for sharing your world with me.

  2. Happy New Year,Francis! Hope to see you paint more and more.

  3. I like seeing your world through your paintings. Thanks, Francis.

  4. Francis, like you I have not been blogging but am happy to be back to say hello. Linda

  5. By exaggerating the strong darks, the motion of the flora juxtaposed against the stillness of the figures… you have created a little world that invites the viewer in… for some refreshment.

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