Noodle Vendor

It’s been a while now since my last trip going back to hometown, Kuching and taste the wonderful food. A while back i did took some picture of the old Carpenter street and its famous noodle store “Min Joo”, i think they have changed their name to “next cafe”. The old lady is still at helm to cook and prepare the pork soup and noodle. I’ve been eating the noodle and pork soup way back, since secondary school days. The taste till today still the same thanks to the dedication. Even the people who serve at the shop still are of the same bunch, talk about family unity.

Ok, about the food, the dish consist of two bowl. One bowl consist of just dry noodle (just plain noodle with garnish) and another is a pork soup bowl (fill with pork belly, liver, intestine, fish ball and of cause the soup), warm and welcome, just like the Kuching City.

Hope you like this painting, the leading lady still hard at work, always cooking and always stirring the big, hot boiler. Thanks for the wonderful memories and good food.


4 Responses to “Noodle Vendor”

  1. Lovely painting. It’s making me want some noodles.

  2. Francis, wonderful work. Your painting allows me to experience your country. I really appreciate your painting and your story. Thank you!

  3. Your paintings and stories of your country and hometown are always interesting! Thank you.

  4. Linda Halcomb Says:

    Very special way to capture your memories. We spent New Years on the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama. Two major hurricanes have destroyed many of the homes and shops since my last visit. It was a treat to find my very favorite restaurant – still going but in a new location and still delicious seafood.

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