It’s the final quarter of the year, still might not be too late to fulfill any resolution or if there’s any to start with. Well anyhow the days and weeks passes like lightning, with frightening speed. Nowadays i even start to notice some graying on my chin, it’s not all bad news, i take it as a sign that you are now wiser or i hope so. Well, do reflect event that touches our lives, may it be good or bad, keep up the good work, have faith in yourself and pray more. I’m sure you be fine.

Hope you like this painting, it’s a reflection of Melbourne Parliament building while my wife and kid rides the Tram number 35.


4 Responses to “Reflection”

  1. amazing painting. I love how you managed to paint your family and the reflection of the buildings on the tram window.

  2. This is very special. Your family looks like they are really enjoying the ride. Nice work on the reflections. very well done.

  3. Really creative way to paint a portrait Francis!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hi may ik how u do it? I tried so many times but I can never get the reflection effect right. Any tip?

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