A Little part of Kuching

Wow, it’s been a while since i wrote anything on this blog. Wish everyone who still reading this blog happy, healthy and all the best on anything that you do. Went back to home town kuching during last Chinese New Year. How time flies, it’s March now. Well during the stay, i manage to snap a few photos of lion dance dancing from shops to shops, how nostalgic seeing it especially from centuries old shop houses.

Here’s the painting i did on the wonderful atmosphere of celebration. The crowd is amazing and of cause the load drum and other musical instrument play its role.


6 Responses to “A Little part of Kuching”

  1. Very nice and I enjoy your greenery – it is like calligraphy.

  2. I like this cheerful image from Chinese New Year. Let’s hope the year of the dragon is as happy as your painting.

  3. I like the joy that you bring in your paintings, whether it’s a smiling face or a colorful street scene, there is always joy. Nice job!

  4. I love it that you bring us scenes from your homeland around the world from where I live. How very colorful this street scene, Francis!

  5. beautiful… love your painting~

  6. Hi Francis, It’s been a long time since you posted anything. Hope all is well.

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