Raining Season

As the title says, rain, rain and more rains. Well it’s the monsoon season now at Kuala Lumpur. Hope it won’t be as bad as Thailand, i hope things are better now and may their livelihood are back to normal. The weatherman predicts heavy then usual rains will hit Malaysia too,it’s forecast to be continuously heavy for the next few months. The government and the relevent agencies are preparing for it, hope it’s just prediction. It’s gloomy but not prolong, sunshine is just behind those dark cloud, brighter days ahead soon.

Raining scene always amaze me, the blurring effect that makes the scenery unreal. It’s really a challenge to put all this on paper, and so i try. Hope you will like this raining scene at Kuala Lumpur. The backdrop is the twin tower and the monorail tracks. What can be worse than got stuck in a traffic jam, dark cloud and the imminent heavy down pour. You be lucky if you are in a car, protected from the elements.




8 Responses to “Raining Season”

  1. These are both awesome paintings of rainy scenes, Francis and I don’t know how you did it. Did you drop water droplets on an already painted scene or alcohol? I like the bottom one, especially, where there are bits of color picked up in the droplets at the bottom of the page. I definitely feel as though I am peering out of my own car’s windshield at this scene.

  2. Thanks Leslie, the before painting is actually the unfinished and with masking fluid covering areas which will be the droplets and you are right again, the finished painting (the after) it’s droplets on the windscreen. I’m glad it did create the feeling that you are in the car looking out at the raining scene. I painting the water droplets last after removed the masking. It’s painstaking but i’m glad the effect coms through.

  3. Yes, your use of the masking fluid worked wonderfully. Love the feel of this painting. I can feel the dampness in the moment.

  4. Loving this! Great mood in this image!

  5. This is so cool Francis! I have never tried water droplets from this view.
    I also wanted to thank you for being a blog friend, an inspiration, and for all your comments in the past few years. We’re celebrating Thanksgiving here and I am thankful for you and all the other bloggers for sharing.

  6. Great painting Francis. You’ve captured the feeling in a very unique way. And I love seeing your part of the world through your paintings.

  7. I can feel those big heavy droplets of water raining down on everyone and everything. You did a fantastic job with capturing the mood of the monsoon.

  8. Hi Francis – hope the forecast prooved to be wrong – sounds depressing to get rain for so long. Those huge drops make me think of snowflakes , but in Europe we don’t get the kind of rain you do, so it’s outside of our experience. My only sight of it has been looking through the windows of Kuala Lumpur airport awaiting a flight to N Zealand. And wow it was amazing – I couldn’t believe the force of all that water coming out of the sky!

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