Lemang Day

Well some of you might wonder what is “Lemang”? You can search it from the wiki, oh don’t bother, basically its glutenous rice, mixed with coconut and cook on an open wood fire in a bamboo shoot seal with banana leaf. There you have it, aromatic, sticky and mouth-watering dish, can be eaten in any occasion and most of the time eat it with beef rendang (dried beef with spice) or just chicken curry. Most of the time it’s eaten during festive such as Hari Raya or during the muslim fasting month but it’s not limited to that, you can get it in any other day as a quick snack if you are on the go, say on a road trip along the road and you sure to pass by some small “kampung” or villages which sell these wonderful “lemang”. It’s food that needs to be share, it might be a bit too much to be finished by one person but most important it’s the good time you share with friends or relatives,

This “lemang” stall is set up nearby my house, they sell it almost everyday. Occasionally people drop by and have a take away. The backdrop is a small mosque with the golden top. Heavy cloud and rain in the distance, maybe another “lemang” will be nice, chewing on a hot snack, the welcoming cool breeze and listening to the rain drops.

Hope you enjoy your “lemang” and may you have a great and wonderful week ahead.


4 Responses to “Lemang Day”

  1. This makes me want to try this lemang. I wonder where I could get it, here?
    Your painting is superb. The depth is awesome and the color is bright and inviting, Francis. Thank you for continuing to teach us about your home place. I learn so much!

  2. What a great painting and thank you for sharing so many stories of where you live. I really like the bright red car, the umbrella and the folks cooking. I might even try Lemang one day.

  3. Thanks for mentioning the malaysian dishes. I have eaten a few but paid no attention to the names. Their taste overlaps with the indian non-veg dishes. Next time when I get the chance, I will remember the names of these dishes to try.
    The perspective of the painting is interesting. I would never consider painting in that angle. Seeing this painting has changed my mind.

  4. Francis, this is a wonderful painting. I love the color and composition with the weight to the left. A popular US morning TV show had Lemang on their show last week. The host was traveling and a chef split open the bamboo and described the dish. Sounds very good!

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