Ray ban

Looking back at some old photo during the weekend and stumble on this particular one. I was in Shell Port Dickson, training to become an Operation Technician. I think it’s one of those really good times, hanging out with all the boys, young and naive. Drinking beers and be foolish. It’s just great, you, the sea breeze and the night shifts. SOmetimes during the off days, just ride the old bike (bicycle) and strolling leisurely along the beach shore and enjoy a hot bun (big pau). Yes, fashion of those days are imitating Stallone and Kurt Russell macho style. Tight jeans and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Hope you like this painting and do have a smashing week ahead and be safe.


3 Responses to “Ray ban”

  1. Lots of figure painting. I guess you like them. Good going!

  2. Ha! Thank you for this self portrait of you! Blast from the past, right? You look pretty cool in those glasses, Francis! Good painting!

  3. Hahahahaha! This is GREAT. You look like you could walking down the street with Stallone in any of his movies. Love the painting. The Ray Bans and hair are awesome. 🙂

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