My Niece and Nephew

Got some spare time two weeks ago, so i start to paint beautiful people. I reference to my sister photo sent to me during her chinese new year at Miri this year. Wow, my two wonderful niece and nephew have really grown up. They can even post for photo now, so adorable. It’s actually a separate photo session, but i combine them into a single painting.

Dennis and Randell, this is for you, may both of you grow up healthy, strong and smart. Of course a zillion time smarter than your uncle lar. God bless you and all of us.

Hope you all like this painting and may you have a wonderful week and a relaxing weekend ahead. Take care.


5 Responses to “My Niece and Nephew”

  1. Francis your life paintings are amazing and your family has to be thrilled to have such a talented artist and caring person to archive family portraits. Great job!

  2. Francis I have enjoyed receiving your paintings for awhile now, but this one really speaks to me. I’m sure as your niece and nephew grow they will love to have it – it is beautifully captured!

  3. What charmers. You are a very lucky uncle!

  4. Since I don’t have kids I feel especially blessed with all my nieces and nephews. Last count I had 14! Your niece and nephew are adorable and you always do such a great job painting kids. When they get older they will realize how lucky they are to have an uncle as talented as you.

  5. Great job of putting two references together to make your painting read as one, Francis.

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