Under the papaya tree

This is captured during our recent trip going back to Kuching during chinese New Year. My son for the first time seeing papaya and star fruits hanging from the tree, so my dad pick him up and showing him that fruits actually grows on tree not from supermarket. He is excited, and he also get to play with snails and other critters which we don’t get to see it in the big city.

Hope you like this painting and may you have a good week and a wonderful weekend ahead.

Here’s one which i took when the painting is still in progress.


3 Responses to “Under the papaya tree”

  1. Francis, I think this is your best work yet. I love the colors you chose. I love the composition and I love the feeling of warmth and love and wonder. Marvelous painting!

  2. Fruits grow on a tree and don’t come from the supermarket?????

    Only kidding.

    This is another wonderful painting that shows all the joys of family.

  3. What an awesome job with perspective, this painting, Francis. You captured the portraiture of “looking up” beautifully. Like always, I enjoy this view into your life there.

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