Children Laughter

A long pause after my last update. It’s almost the end of Ramadan month (Islamic month of fasting) at Malaysia and celebration is in the air. Would like to Wish all my Muslim friends a joyous Hari Raya Aidilfitri and have a safe trip “Balik Kampung” (Meaning: Going back to home town).

Just wanted to post this beautiful piece of children laughter on your trip going back home town and may the celebration fills with joy and happiness.

Hope everyone have a good week ahead and be safe.


4 Responses to “Children Laughter”

  1. Francis, you are very successful at capturing the joy in a child’s smile. Your work is wonderful!

  2. I am totally enjoying these portrait paintings . You capture joy and the feeling of family with each and every one!

  3. I can hear the laughter from these paintings. The expressions are great and you definitely have a style of painting them. Great portraits!

  4. awww, looking at those kids made me smile. My Muslim friends are happy Ramadan is over so they can eat! 🙂

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