Fun at Aquaria

Hi everyone, I’m back. It’s such a long absent. Nothing serious, just got entangle in work as usual. I hope you are in better prospect in life and not to forget to enjoy every second of it. I’m not complaining, just bit exhausted and need a breather. So to relax, i pick up my brush and paint again.
Just two weeks ago, my kid and two of my friend’s kid went to KLCC Aquaria (sort of large viewing aquarium at the centre of shopping arcade), as usual i did not have the chance to go along, so why not paint a few just to imagine the fun a bit. They all have such a great time (as my wife describe it). Thought of capture this special moment. Wish everyone have a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead.


3 Responses to “Fun at Aquaria”

  1. These paintings are so full of LIFE, Francis, I can’t help but think of them as masterpieces! I was just blogging, the other day, about how difficult it is for me to paint multiples and you paint three children and make it look easy! The turtle! Love it!

  2. So sweet, this made me smile as soon as I opened your blog. Your paintings of children are great, I find that so difficult but you make it look easy. I also like the turtle swimming in the background.

    Nice to have you back, Francis.

  3. Wonderful! These kids are so cute and they look so curious (and maybe mischievious?) Like you I seem to come and go. Life interferes doesn’t it?

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