Another scene from devastated northern Japan. An elderly rescued by the reserved army. The scene still in smoldering and some search and rescue work still in progress at the background. The brave young man of Japan come in to help those in need. Many elderly did not make it, may their soul rest in peace.

I’m reference to a picture taken from the internet.


6 Responses to “Rescued”

  1. I wouldn’t know where or how to even begin with this subject – but what I like is that you are prepared to speak from the heart & in the end that’s what matters.

  2. Nice work with a very complicated composition.

  3. Wow, Francis. I really like your approach with this one. The wet-in-wet applications of paint brought forth a soft image of this rescue scene that I rather like. A lot. It gives a feeling of movement and something taking place in this moment. Excellent!

  4. Excellent. I like how you did the background.

  5. Another dramatic and moving painting. I, too, like the background.

  6. It’s so sad that it takes disaster sometimes to bring us together as caring people. Whether it is 9/11 terrorist attack, tsunami, earthquakes and other man made or natural disasters, good people will always be there when others are in need! Wonderful painting showing this!

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