This is actually an orchid mural. Start this project during month of Feb, just when my kid start to mimic me and put up some drawing on the wall with a color pencil and since it’s going to be Chinese New Year at that time, thought of just repaint the wall but then got an idea of put up a painting. Initially it’s about tropical fruits since this mural is near our dining table but then i might not have enough time to finished it, so i stick to orchid and it’s also my favourite flower.

The mural is about 5 X 4 feet. Not too large but still require some amount of work. Hope you like this painting and have a great week ahead.


9 Responses to “Orchid”

  1. Four feet by five feet? WOW! Francis, you outdid yourself. I think you should do art cover-up over children’s colored pencil marks more often. I like the colors and you captured the light on the flowers beautifully!

  2. Wow, i loved this painting… wonderful colours, light and shadows…

  3. Francis, this so beautiful. I am impressed with your ambition and talent. Wow!

  4. I, like Linda, am impressed with your super large painting. I absolutely love these beautiful flowers. They are some of my favorites and you’ve done a perfect job painting them. The colors are spectacular.

  5. this looks fantastic

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