Top 50 Watercolors Blog

Unbelievable, my blog has been chosen as one of the top 50 watercolor blog for the male category. I’m really honoured and surprised. Thank you to all my fellow bloggers and readers for
your support and encouragement throughout the years. I know i sometimes do not meet the timeline but i do my best to publish a painting a week, i hope i will do better this year.

Please do visit the blog, they have many talented artist on the lists, following is the link to the blog.


10 Responses to “Top 50 Watercolors Blog”

  1. Congratulations, Francis!!

  2. Thumbs up and well deserved!

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    Painting and Decorating
    makes the man very creative.

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  10. Always nice stuff from Jongsart. I’ll be coming back to see new stuff too.

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