Year of the Rabbit

This post might have come sooner especially when chinese all over the world is celebrating the year of the rabbit. Well better be late then never.

I did this painting before going for a long leave during the CNY (Chinese New Year), we have managed to frame it and now it’s hanging at my in-law house. Wish all my readers and blogger best of luck in this Rabbit year and as always healthy like an ox and be safe.

Apologized for the camera flash reflection, it’s coming from the frame mirror. Bad photography skill, got to learn some camera tricks from Ryan’s ( daughter.


3 Responses to “Year of the Rabbit”

  1. Welcome back, Francis! I kind of like the camera flash effect with this. Your rabbits are beautiful. I have missed observing your play of brushstrokes. How wonderfully you have captured the grasses and the texture of the coats on the rabbits. Happy Year of the Rabbit to you!

  2. Belated New Year Greetings! Wonderful rabbits among the lush green grass.

  3. Happy Chinese New Year Francis! I hope you have a wonderful year of the Rabbit.

    Your bunnies are so cute and are also appropriate for my Easter season! You did the fur on the rabbits beautifully. Something I find difficult to do.

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