Seasons Greeting

It’s the time for rejoice, sharing and love one another. Even though at the tropics we do not have white christmas but the atmosphere is still as merry and not to mention the shopping and the decor.

This year i did the decor a few weeks earlier, with the same tree and ornaments from the year before and years before that. Thought i did painting on my tree decor and sent it as a card. Did that last week and i hope it can reached England before christmas.

Wish eveyrone have a blessed, safe, cozy and a merry merry christmas.


12 Responses to “Seasons Greeting”

  1. What a beautiful painting for a Christmas card, Francis! How challenging to capture that glow from those tiny lights! Merry Christmas too you and yours!!!

  2. That is really a great painting, it is so lively… i nearly hear the bells of Santa…and snow falling over the Christmas tree:) Happy Chrsitmas

  3. Beautiful, Francis! Thank you for your greeting and wishes! Have a wonderful Holiday season!

  4. I wish you good health and blessings in the new year. May you have time to paint and create. Thank you for being part of my year.

  5. Francis, you always amaze me the way you capture light. I just love this painting of ornaments with the branches of the tree in the background.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  6. This is a fantastic painting.
    So warm and cheery.

  7. Wonderfully festive painting! As Carol says, you have a way with light.

  8. This is very beautiful!
    I love it!
    Great job,dear friend!

  9. Hoping all is well, I haven’t heard or seen anything new lately.

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