Pulau Ketam

Din’t have time to do my usual series so i just post this painting i did a few weeks ago. It’s the infamous Ketam Island. Ketam meaning Crab in Malay. I think it used to have lots of crab in the mangrove and that is why it got the name but nowadays its just another fishing village and seems like no crab to be found anywhere. I guess mainly due to more human inhibitant and polution. Still it’s a popular tourist place especialy for Kuala Lumpur city dualers as it’s just an hour or so drive to Port Klang and take a short boat trip. Depending on seasons there’s delicious dishes of fresh fish.

Hope you enjoy this rural scene of a fishing village.


3 Responses to “Pulau Ketam”

  1. You amaze me with the perspective in this and your ability to render detail, but not make it appear tedious, Francis. I admire you paining skills with water. I need to work on that.
    Yep, I think greed probably depleted the crab. That is sad. Until we learn as a group, someday, that less is more, I think we will have things like this that happen. Good post! 🙂

  2. This is a gorgeous painting. The powerful path of light leads us through the painting. I really like the green of the water and the touches of color in the boats. Really, really nice!

  3. I love this rural scene of a fishing village. The ripples in the water are amazing!

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