Brother & Sisters

Hope everyone have a good weekend and a better week ahead. Another painting on down the memory lane series. This is me with my two lovely sister at our old house at Kuching. The old house has been renovated since but this piece reminds us of the good times we had. Notice the cats, well living in the “Cat” city (kuching meaning cats in the malay language) one must have a cat around, no it’s not necessary, it’s just my sisters there are really fond of cats. They still are. The greenery behind the car are mostly fruits tree, maybe next time i will put them into my painting. My father is an avid planter, so we have mangos (different type of it), kuani, rambutans, star fruits and not to mentions live chickens too. It’s really was a wonderful time, just like living in a mini farm but with the comfort of a city.

Hope you enjoy this painting.


9 Responses to “Brother & Sisters”

  1. Absolutely precious, Francis! Definitely the big brother in this! Love that each sister has a cat in her arms and so well painted. The blue and the orange in this are superb. I like this family memory series you are doing!

  2. Francis, this is terrific. Besides you and your sisters and the cats, I love how you painted the house with the gate in front and the windows with their reflections.

    I am enjoying your trip down memory lane. You are such a wonderful artist. You can really capture people well and I love hearing about your life growing up. I don’t think I saw I live chicken until I was a teenager!

  3. The expressions are so wonderful. So full of fun and family togetherness. Really lovely painting and I love the strong colors of the entry floor and the car. They really pop and that works well with the other pale (sun bleached?) colors.

  4. Wonderful piece of a wonderful memory. Love the cats 🙂 – just precious!

  5. Thanks for the insight into your world. It’s nice to to get a glimpse of someone else’s family life – it’s almost like reading a story – it sort of transports you elsewhere. You’ve been busy since I last looked here.

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