Me and Uncle

Yup another memories series again. Hope I’m not bored everyone with this. Yup at the same old house of my late Grandma, there’s such a wonderful memories there. Wish we could go back in time and enjoy all of it again. I’m sure we all do, found memories are ours greatest treasure. Wish everyone have a great week ahead and be safe.

Note: In this scene, i think i was at around 7 years old, very mischievous and that is why my uncle grab hold of my other hand just to take this scene. Posting with little me is my uncle, second brother to my father. We all called him “Jee Chek” in hokkien, translated as second uncle.


6 Responses to “Me and Uncle”

  1. Wow. I like your use of value in this as well as your very believable greens. Once again, I admire the evidence of a variety of different brushstrokes in your work. Mischievous, huh? Did anyone else in your family draw or paint, Francis?

    • Thanks Leslie. Recently i did check out some sites which teaches different ways of using brushes, so i give it a try. Well, defenitely my parents are not into art but both my sis are. I’m not sure why we like it so much since young but we have big influence from our uncle whom is an art teacher in a local instituition and have given us lesson. I guess thats how we start. But sadly both my sis are busy with daily routine nowadays.

  2. Very sweet! I like how you painted all the palm trees in the background! And of course you and 2nd Uncle are terrific.

  3. These are wonderful and interesting. I enjoy looking at the background, so much different than Indiana USA, but beautiful. Great painting!

  4. Francis, I am really enjoying your family series and the stories you tell. The painting is really good and you created very warm and realistic greens. Green is a such a difficult color to make look real. Great work!

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