Grandma House

Another sentimental piece, i have been wanted to paint this for a while now but just can’t find the right time to do it. It’s really a fond memories of going to this house (House no longer there but the coconut trees still around and surounded by tall bushes), at times i could still smell the greenery, the burning coconut husk and the calling of the wild pegion or “puk ku”.

I think i did post a sketch on my grandma house before, this is a version of the actual house. Posting from left to right is my grandma (God bless her soul) strong and stout person, she single handedly manage all the hardwork on the plantation for many many years. It’s very tough but i guess she is used to the life. Standing next to her is my mom and little me and my dad.

Hope you like this painting.


4 Responses to “Grandma House”

  1. Francis, This is beautiful. You are becoming very skilled at painting faces and figures. The description of your grandmother is heart warming. My grandparents had a farm and were hard working, frugal and of German stock. I miss them! Thank you for sharing your memories and honoring your family. It is very special.

  2. Aw, Francis, This is great. I love seeing your paintings of your family with you as a little boy. You are great at painting the figures. I’m sure everyone in your family, including your son, will treasure these paintings.

  3. Another great piece of family history captured and archived in a beautiful painting. Great job!

  4. It’s a great family portrait.
    The warm colours give it a happy feel

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