A Sunny Day Long Ago

Just finished this painting a while ago. It’s a sentimental piece, this painting is reference from an old photo captured during early 70s. Not sure who took the photo. The small kid on the right is me with my dad and the kid standing next is my friend Hong Kuan with his dad. It’s a very fine sunny day, having a leisure and relaxing walk at the beach at Miri. At the background is our loyal dog “bobby” and the long pier, famous for local leisure fishing. I think the pier is no longer there but the beach still looks fine today. My friend family now lived at Bintulu with his parent, wife and two kid.

Hope you enjoy this painting.


11 Responses to “A Sunny Day Long Ago”

  1. I really liked this painting, it is very clear and sentimental…i especially liked the way you painted the sands..

  2. Oh Francis. This is priceless. The expressions on the boy’s faces is so good. How nice to have a memory and a story on paper. ….and a memory of the family dog. I imagine it is silly to ask, but did you walk out on the long pier with your Dad?

    • Sure we did Leslie, i did remember going there with my dad while he did some fishing. It’s quit scary for me cos the pier is high above the wave and there are some small holes due to rotten timber but it’s fun and lots of fishes too.

  3. A lovely painting and a wonderful story to go with it!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwww! this is adorable. First of all, I love the subject matter…you and your friend with your dads and the dog. It’s beautifully rendered. I also love how you painted the beach, water and the pier in the background.

  5. I am really impressed. Faces and figures are the hardest things to paint and you do an exceptionally good job. I enjoy seeing your family and hearing your stories. Our memories are our most precious possessions.

    • Thanks Linda. Yup, i hope to paint a bit more and tell stories about people. I find it interesting and at the same time get to know more about myself and people around us.

  6. Very Talented I thought it wonderfully executed. Great work

  7. Wow! my tag line on my business cards is “Capturing memories on Canvas“ and you have down an amazing job doing that with this painting. Excellent on capturing the mood of the day. Great job Francis

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