Coming Through

Heard this from the radio, it’s a dialogue teaching road users on how to use signal light and rear mirror. Yes, on the national radio and repeated many times in a day. I can’t imagine how such a basic knowledge would also need to be air but it’s true. This are some of the nasty attitude of most our local road users. I’am on the rush and everyone need to give way, so rush number 1 need to give way to rush number 2 or who have a bigger vehicle wins. I guess any cars here might need not have any signal light or rear mirror installed since they are for decorative purpose and all those discounted contribution can go to the society of pillion rider crash to a car whom suddently make a turn. Have a nice week ahead everyone. Hope you enjoy this painting, Prince charming coming through…


7 Responses to “Coming Through”

  1. I am enjoying your arctic paintings, Francis. These all have a character all their own. Makes me smile. 🙂

  2. This is a fantastic painting.
    i cant paint that good

  3. This is wonderful, Francis! I have been so busy that I haven’t been getting around to the blogs and I have been missing a lot! Beautiful art you have been creating!!

  4. awwww, I love penguins as much as I love seals. You are doing an amazing job with with series!

    I know what you mean about crazy drivers! Everyone is so rude and in a hurry. I think it’s all a macho thing.

  5. Francis I am amazed how professional your painting have become, they were great when I first found your blog, but to me you have definitely become one of my favorites. Gorgeous job on these and those in the past!

  6. Nice work Francis – I like how you’ve kept it simple. Also manages to be quite comical without being cutsy!

  7. A very beautiful painting! 🙂

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