Again my appology, still did not manage to produce any new paintings. Schedule to go to an Art Gallery this weekend hopefully can get some inspiration there. Did this Cheetah painting a while ago base on a reference book, it’s a quick painting. Hope you will like it.


5 Responses to “Cheetah”

  1. Francis, this is stunning. A cheetah is hard, I think. There head is oddly shaped, but there is something awesome about their gaze and you have captured that beautifully. I knew this was a cheetah without looking at the title. I also like how you handle the texture of his coat.

  2. Wonderful Painting and I agree with Leslie, the eyes were captured perfectly. I find the cheetahs amazing creatures with the black tear lines coming down from their eyes. Thanks for sharing your old and new art!

  3. Hi Francis, I like how you captured the fur on the cheetah. The eyes are great too.

  4. Wow, what lovely work. The eyes just grabbed me.

  5. Hi Fracis! Hope you are doing well? The painting is stunning, really wonderful work!

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