Sorry for not updating this blog last week, too many things going on during the past weeks. Most of it are work related. I did not manage to finish any art work during the whole of last week so i just put up thise piece which i did a while ago.

It’s base on a reference photo taken from my friend Nic while he was travelling at South America. I think it’s somewhere at Argentina, i think. The far end of the painting is the glacier overlook at the channel. Hope you like this painting.


10 Responses to “Glacier”

  1. This is a wonderful site, Francis after this hot summer we’ve had, here. Your rocks are spot-on and you did an excellent job of capturing a cool crisp look to the scene. I also like that you have made a path for the eye to follow back to the glacier.

  2. Wow! Breath taking view and beautiful painting. It must feel pretty good to know that you have such control and power over your brushes and paint. Wonderful Job Francis.

  3. Francis, what a beautiful painting. You’ve captured such a sense of space and depth. I love your rocks. I’ve seen many glaciers both in Alaska and Iceland and you’ve got it spot on.

  4. My goodness.
    This is brilliant.
    Done with style

  5. Thanks Richard.

  6. I like the simple brush strokes you used to achieve the final painting.

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