Red Taxi

Stumble on this interesting blog while browsing, it’s intrigue. Kinda like doing a virtual plain air but with still picture of course. I think each month there is a challenge posted on a different country to visit (via Google Street View) and you can choose your scene. I did a painting for the month of July challenge.

Here is the LINK

Hope you like the painting.


4 Responses to “Red Taxi”

  1. Hi Francis,
    I like the idea of you choosing a street corner in Hong Kong. I once read in an art book that if you run into a slump in being inspired render a streetcorner because they are full of information. Love the inclusion of a red taxi that sparks the whole painting. Wonderful painting.
    I think these sites allow you to post your painting on your own sight, also, with a link to them.

    • Francis Says:

      Thanks Leslie. Yup totally agreed with you, street scene that looks too clean might not tell much stories. Those details from the slump will make the painting “talks”, but sometimes it’s really a challenge to try to include as much. Actually i think they allowed it but i kinda lost the softcopy of the picture so i guess i just pout a link to it first.

  2. Oh, I just went to look and realized it’s August and there’s a new location now. Can you post your painting on your blog? I would love to see it.

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