Bath Time

Just a quick painting i did for my son while he’s enjoying his bath. Most of the time we have to trick him in order to get him out from the tub. Love to see his happy face especially when he splash the water.

Well nothing but a nice warm bath or a soak in the tub to make your day brighter and relax. Enjoy your bath and have a good week ahead.


9 Responses to “Bath Time”

  1. I love a bath! These are so cool!!!! Had to trick my little ones, too, Francis. You caught this just as I remember it. Great job on your figures! Children can be so difficult to render and you caught the smile and fun in both of these! How challenging that second one must have been with the splashing and silly grin. 🙂

    • Francis Says:

      Thanks Leslie. Yup, you are spot on, it’s really pose quite a challenge to show all those small droplets of water when he splash the water. First time i did this. Hope they look fine. As for figues, i did perform some small sketh and light sketch on the paper before puting down the paint, that really helps as a guide.

  2. What a cutie he is! Great studies, Francis

  3. awww Francis! Both of these paintings made me smile. Your son is adorable and I love the way you captured him smiling and splashing. Great job with the water too.

    • Francis Says:

      Thanks Carol. Glad this make your day. Yup it’s quite a challenge to capture the water droplets.

  4. This is great! He looks like he is full of joy! Thank you for sharing this happy time with us.

  5. What a sweet painting!
    The problem he had with our girls, is that we had to fight them to get them in the tub, but once they were in, we had to fight to get them out. They would stay in the tub until they were just one big wrinkle.
    Great painting!

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