Duanwu Jie – Dragon Boat Festival

I know its way past the festive but just like to share a bit more about the festival preparation. I did put down in notes about the “bak chang” here. Well it’s have been many years since i married and started to practiced the ritual, why not take the opportunity to captured it in paintings.

Here are the fine people laboriously performing our tasks to completion. What an achievement, 200+ “bak chang” in just 3 hours.

Here are the “bak chang” let hanging to dry after been boiled for an hour. Ready to eat.

Here is the ingredient together with the dunmplings, sitting on top of the bamboo leaves. The ingredients varies with preferences and clans. Ours we did it with piece of pork, dried oyster, some beans, duck egg york and dried prawns or dried mushroom. Enjoy.

Here is the full painting. Hope you like it.


11 Responses to “Duanwu Jie – Dragon Boat Festival”

  1. What a cool painting of the art of making of these dumplings! I also like how you designed the page and brought close-ups of the dumplings to the foreground for us to view, Francis. Artist extraodinaire!

  2. I really love the way you did this. Your composition and creativity are amazing.

  3. Hi Francis,
    “Lau nua” when I see these pictures! Gosh how I miss these “bak chang”. The opened one looked so good, the real McCoy! I could see the egg yolk, shitake mushroom, kaulat, slices of pork meat…. yum yum delicious! I love the effect of the hanging bak chang, and the folded bamboo leaves. Awesome!!!


    • Francis Says:

      Thanks Dora. Well it’s lots of hard work. Since i’m married to Teochew family, the ingredient added one new element..the tau sa. You can see it from the open bak chang..slightly dark purple patch. That is the real kick. Well if you wan one, i could sent via airmail to Belgium. Frozen of cus.

  4. Francis, I love your dumplings! Great painting and instructional too! Thanks for sharing some of your family’s dumpling secrets.

  5. You’re making me hungry! Ok It’s nearly time for dinner which luckily my husband is preparing right now! (Lucky me, because I’m not keen on cooking!) The little triangular parcel looks like what we call samosas I think. Now I’ll try to remember the name of bak chang too!

    You’ve been very busy since I last visited !

  6. you have taken your painting into a ultragastronomic proportion. it’s a culinary arts at its best. can’t wait to have my mouth have some sampling of bak-chang.

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