Wow, it’s like time warp or a leap throught time. How time flies, it’s time to post the challenge posted by Richard during April and now it’s June. Still can’t believe it’s been two month ago. Here is the link to the challenge.

Hope you like this painting. And thanks Richard.


16 Responses to “Lighthouse”

  1. Great job on this challenge! Your painting has a lot of movement to it and beautiful colors. You have captured the stone and shadows on the lighthouse perfectly.

  2. Great water color painting and so inspiring great job as always. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous, Francis! I like how you rendered the trees and grasses in this painting. They look like they are hugging the lighthouse. You have captured the sunlight on the lighthouse spot-on and it looks like evening light which adds to the peacefulness of the whole scene. Love it!

  4. Great texture and color. This lighthouse looks COLD! The white tower looks crisp and cold and the bare trees seem to sway in the wind.

    • Thanks Linda, i think the scene must be in autume but i’m not so sure i guess need to ask Richard on that. I like your red light house too, especially the high wave movement.

  5. Love how you have movement around your lighthouse. I can feel the cold winds coming in from the water!

    Love the white stone of the lighthouse and how the red roof of the house connects to the red atop the lighthouse.

    Beautiful painting.

    • Thanks Carol. I like your light house too, especially those trees serounding the building. I really enjoy this painting.

  6. Beautiful as always!!! 🙂
    I love to viit yur blog every week!You surprise us with beautiful artworks!!!
    Thank you,dear friend!!!

    Have fun!!!!

  7. i have never seen such a lovely lighthouse painting. everything that i see here is a masterfully executed work. excellent piece of painting.

  8. WOW…… I’m xtill finding Light housed, that’s great I wonder how many i have missed.

    Great painting I love you style.

  9. I need MY glasses or may be I shouldn’t type in the dark Sorry for the rotten spelling.

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