It’s a busy weekend, tired but happy. It’s the “bak chang” ( Bak = pork. Chang = dumpling) day again. So lots of preparation work and putting together work in making 200 super delicious zongzi. Nowadays it’s becoming my tradition of having to go over my mother in law house and help to make the delicious dumplings, i hope i did help much, it’s really laborers work but i do certainly help in eating and sampling. It’s really fun experience all this tradition first hand. I will try to upload some real life picture and of course my art work of this very special “bak chang” day. Hope eveyone have their wonderful weekends too.

I will try to post my dumpling art work this saturday but at the mean time please do enjoy this wonderful natural scenery i did for Zhangjiajie. It’s a mountainous scenery at china, famous for its rivers of cloud overflowing ranges of high peaks. You all have a nice week ahead.


12 Responses to “Zhangjiajie”

  1. I really like the enchanted feel of this, Francis. The fog is wonderful and full of soft edges and serves to enhance your scene even more. Excellent. Excellent.

    • Thanks Leslie. As describe by my father in law, the scene is really breath taking especially when the ealy morning clouds touches the edge of the high peaks.

  2. Gorgeous and powerful. The white, cloud-fingers led me through this landscape.

  3. Another great painting…thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. simply breath-taking. i miss china and the beautiful scenery at pearl river. very good painting.

  5. Makes me want to go there looks wonderful

  6. Hi Francis, this looks magical! I love the mist in the peaks!

  7. […] bit more about the festival preparation. I did put down in notes about the “bak chang” here. Well it’s have been many years since i married and started to practiced the ritual, why not […]

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