Eye of the Tiger

Another week of rushing again. Just did this quick painting of the Bengal Tiger since my friend did request it a while ago. I refer to a picture book which i bought during a book fair last year. Hope everyone have a better week ahead. This week is school holiday week, i hope the traffic will be smoother and less hasle for everyone on the road.

Hope you enjoy this painting.


19 Responses to “Eye of the Tiger”

  1. Beautiful and scary! (The painting is beautiful, the tiger is scary!)

    Love how you captured the light in the center right on the face.

    • Francis Says:

      Thanks Carol. They are not actually scary as i thought they would be. There’s a place at Thailand where this tigers roams free and are taken care by the monks. Unbelievable but it’s true.

  2. Wow! This is wonderful. First of all, I love the warm colors in this painting. The way you rendered the grasses gives the impression of abreeze rustling them. I feel like the tiger could, any moment uncurl and slowly amble off. You have painted him extremely regal.

    • Francis Says:

      Thanks Leslie. Those tall grass are it’s perfect hiding place. Well i hope it stay put and purl like a kitty. How nice if our cat is this big, lots of fur to cuddle.

  3. wonderful painting! i have seen on of them in the zoo,back in India… can’t really make the difference b/w her and the one in ur painting! its beautiful! love the colors!

  4. Ooooo, this is an amazing painting! The tiger literally glows!!

    • Francis Says:

      Thanks Beth. I hope hungry is not it’s intention. Well he/she looks more like resting. The day is hot, i guess.

  5. This is an amazing creature of beauty and strength, and you have captured both wonderfully. I have heard about and seen videos of the monks and the tigers. Amazing!

    • Francis Says:

      Thanks Ryan. They are amazing animal, just hope they are still here for our future generation to see.

  6. I like very much the play of light on his face. You have captured his power, strength and majesty. Quite beautiful and I really like the warm color scheme.

  7. Love the Painting .
    The contented look on the tiger looks as if it just finished it’s meal .
    Or maybe thinking of it’s next meal.

    • Francis Says:

      Thanks Richard. Agreed, i feel more safe thinking it’s just finished a meal and taking the time to relax.

  8. Wow this is beautiful and so realistic…great job!!

  9. […] I ran across a beautiful photo reference of a tiger, up close and personal, on the wet canvas site a while back.  I think I just wanted to see what his face would look like painted on masa paper. I also experimented with black and white watercolor and dribbled other colors into them. The inspiration for a tiger came from Francis’s painting of a tiger last summer found here. […]

  10. […] I ran opposite a pleasing print anxiety of a tiger, adult tighten and personal, on a soppy board site a while back.  we consider we only wanted to see what his face would demeanour like embellished on masa paper. we also experimented with black and white watercolor and dribbled other colors into them. The impulse for a tiger came from Francis’s portrayal of a tiger final summer found here. […]

  11. It’s beautiful! I love the warm colors, very well done!

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