Clowning Around

Another late posting again. Hope everyone have a better weeks then myself. Weekend is around the corner, time to recharge.

Have done this piece quite some time ago. It’s actually a reference to a colored hardcover book i bought few years back during a book warehouse sale.

Hope you enjoy this painting.


7 Responses to “Clowning Around”

  1. Love this especially how you get the water effect…flowing.

  2. nice color, Francis. I like that the fish are all in different directions, implying movement. Very nice.

  3. Very nice job capturing the feeling of water and I really like the fish. Capturing the look of anything underwater is very hard to do. Well done!

  4. Oh Francis this is such a lovely piece, I’m loving the clownfish.

  5. This is beautiful, Francis. The complimentary color scheme is popping good and the fact that I search for the clownfish in the orange coral makes it more interesting. I also like the glistening water effect you created in the lower righthand corner.

  6. Love the colors, they are so vivid! And the light on the water is beautiful. You are always so good at that!

  7. Great formation of the images and I love your feeling of being under water.
    I have seen the reefs first hand when I was scuba diving off the coast of Florida. Never thought of capturing it though. Fantastic.

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