Did not have much time to finish a painting so just upload one of the sketches i did a while ago. And since we are still in mothers day mood thought this will be a good timing to post this sketch. It’s actually my youngest sister birthday and all the food except the cake are all made single handedly by my mother. Now that’s motherly love.

Hope you enjoy this sketch.


11 Responses to “Family”

  1. What a great picture! I can see how well your family gets along. And all that food is making me hungry!

  2. This is absolutely wonderful. Full of affection and smiles. What an attractive family and your mother’s food makes it seem so homey and cozy. A real family get together.

  3. Wow! FIVE FIGURES in ONE piece! You rule, Francis! This is priceless. Beautiful family!

  4. Great sketch and mothers are the bestest 🙂

  5. Wonderful looking family and terrific drawing!

  6. Wah, Francis…chin sui lah… and aunty Agnes looks so gorgeous here. Did she guide your hand and paintbrush while you were painting her? Hahahaha… well done cuz. Was it Yvonne’s birthday? Take care, Dora..

  7. Hey Cuz, I remember this picture, it was Yvonne’s birthday. Good memories….Hopefully one of these days, I would like you to paint my family picture.

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