Light House

Another reference to a friend photo trip at Argentina. Lots of really fine and inspiring picture from his trip. Well really wish i could be like him tracking the world. The is painted from one of his photos. I just love a light house picture. A standalone structure in a middle of the sea, always on alert and guarding. Heavy responsibilities and always and rely on. I just love the scene where in the background there’s the heavy cloud just lifting above the mountain range with some sleepy small town hanging at the foot of the mountain.

Hope you enjoy this painting as much as i do.

Note: Painting challenge at Richard blog. . It will be fun again, i think posting date is 21st June. Still long way to go.


19 Responses to “Light House”

  1. Francis, this is gorgeous. I love how you added movement in everything, even the land form, around the lighthouse. It makes it look solid and strong.

    • francis Says:

      Thanks Leslie, i’m glad you like it. I find it quite difficult to do the waves. Need more practice.

  2. Beautiful, and your thoughts as well–like poetry. Thanks for a nice lift.

  3. Lovely piece Francis, you’re friend is very lucky to get to travel, I’m very envious.

  4. Lovely painting love the scenery…just great you capture the wave beautifully.

  5. beautiful lighthouse! I love the way it looks against the sky and sea. Now you’ve jumped ahead of us and posted your lighthouse first! Between you and Richard you’ve both set the bar very high!

    • francis Says:

      Hi Carol, sorry about the light house. I have painted it before Richard post the challenge and being naughty, thought i post this one fist just to get attention..haha..learn it from my coming to 2 year old boy.

  6. Hope your having a wonderful day, here is a kindness card from me and you may pass it along to other friends including me 🙂

    Have a great weekend and keep on been creative 🙂

  7. I love the way you painted, just amazing 🙂

  8. Lovely, lyrical painting. The small island and the strong, upright lighthouse make a wondertful composition.

  9. Beautiful arwork again,dear friend!!

    A little gift for you here:

    Have a nice day!! 🙂

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