Done this painting few weeks ago, i kinda like the reflection on the water while the fish passing throught the water. I try to capture the green algea grown on the pond but after a few round of correction still not manage to capture them correctly. Hopefully will have a better result next time.

Hope you like this koi painting.


28 Responses to “Koi”

  1. I envy your artistic abilities I dream about doing art work this good.

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  3. Hey how do I subscribe to your blog?

  4. This painting is beautiful. I particularly like the texture crossing the back of the top fish. You did a very nice job on the reflections and the green pool which is so lovely that it does not look like algae

  5. Wow, love the splotches of sunlight on the water! I don’t know what green you were trying to achieve, but the one you got here looks just like lake Michigan water when algea gets overgrown and blown in to the shore.

  6. These are beautiful, Francis. I get the feeling that there is algae in there. I like the colors and differences in patterns of your Koi.

    • Thanks Leslie. Painting fishes in water do need some skill and i’am afraid i’am yet to master those skills especially when the water have ripples. Will try one on that one day.

  7. aloha Francis – as Linda mentioned above, i too find the lacy brush work on the upper koi very appealing.

  8. Not sure what you could improve on, these are fantastic!
    The reflection of the trees hinted in the water are perfect, and the texture of the Koi fish splendid. Very impressive!

  9. Oh this is beautiful Francis, the colours are so vibrant and compliment each other very well.

  10. Hi Chloe, thanks for your comment. I’am glad u like the painting.

  11. I’m not sure you’ll make it better than this. Different, maybe, but better? It’s absolutely stunning. Wonderful magical image.

  12. Love it! Nice illusions. I like the reflection and the bottom of the pond illusion at the bottom, then that top fish looks like his back is coming right out of the water. Nice Job.

  13. This is absolutely beautiful, Francis! Good job! BTW, I’m in contact with Ita now, thanks to you 😀

    • Thanks Dora. Ooo..great. She’s at Vancouver now. Yup i sent your blog link to her last week, BTW great writing on your blog.

  14. Hi Francis, no one depicts light quite like you. This is absolutely beautiful. I love the light crossing the water and the fish’s back.

  15. I find this painting exhilarating. I cannot identify or perhaps even understand the qualities that make it so appealing, but I love it.

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