Road Trip

Has been quite a while since my last real road trip to anywhere, but it’s ok not that yearning to go places at this moment. But if I do, I hope I can go places like this friend of mine, Nic. Recently just saw some of his really amazing photos from his trip to Argentina. Some of the pictures are really breathtaking, well as usual wish I was there. Hope you don’t mine Nic, I have downloaded some of your photos, will be using them for my watercolor practice.

One of his photo shows a volkswagen Van parking next to the road, Just can’t help noticing the orange Van againt the gloomy back drop, so I painted it. Hope you like this painting.


19 Responses to “Road Trip”

  1. Oh wow this is a wonderful piece, I love the colours you’ve used, the detail is fantastic. Thanks for sharing, I love it 🙂

  2. I love this painting, Francis. I was the proud owner of an orange VW bus way back when my kids were little. We drove it for years! Great job on the windows and really like the orange against the blue values in the background.

    • Thanks Leslie. Wow, i can imagine myself in your orange VW already. Living the 60s and 70s life style, listen to John Lenon songs and travel where the road takes me and that is life.

  3. Wonderful to see your new painting, Francis! The little bus, with its orange against blue, brings happy thoughts: peace, Beetles and for some reason – a Yellow Submarine 😀 !!!

  4. Your wonderful orange VWbus seems to be bursting with life. Great painting! Great choices!

  5. Wow bright and beautiful…really nailed the look. Really like the background reminds me of my home town. Great post. I will be back.

  6. Orange stands out in the blue background. This looks more painterly. I like it that you have brought out the charm in this watercolor painting.

  7. I always wanted an old Volkswagon van, they are so unique and cool. The colors are great , fun, and you have to love the daisy on the front, that just adds a touch of hippy into the painting! As American used to say in the late 1960’s, “Groovy man, really Groovy”!

    • That is my same thought when i first saw the VW. Glad that you like the colors. It’s really fun to paint bright colors subject…it’s just make you feel happy and light..not on weed of course 🙂

  8. Hi Francis, another great painting. I remember those old VW vans! Love the orange color against the blue. And I like the shadows in the windshield.

  9. francis,

    i love the deep strokes of your watercolor. there are hidden shadows and reflections in there overlaying the peaceful soul you have there. i wish i could go back to my painting soon. its been so many years since i last painted.

    keep on painting.

  10. great colors, great theme! a vintage touch to it too by the van! i hope u had fun on ur trip!

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