Lighting Up

Thought of brighten up the week a bit. Have got some ideas from Leslie blog on how the sea lights up by the sunlight.

Similar to that, i saw an old photo posted by a friend about how the mountains of Inka light up by the early
morning sun.The sight must be captivating, seeing how the tip of the mountain range basking under the morning ray and at the same time surround by the cold mountain breeze. Must be heaven.

Hope you like the painting.


12 Responses to “Lighting Up”

  1. Beautiful and atmoshperic. I can see the sun breaking.

  2. This is beautiful, Francis. That white mountain range looks as though it is lighting up the sky! 🙂 I like the camp in the foreground. Helps to tell a story, here.

  3. Thanks Leslie, I try to make the mountain as realistic but it’s quite challenging to draw snow cap on the mountain top. Did try a few times on some other drawing but still not able to achive the effect i wanted. Well will try again next time.

  4. wonderful painting, totally feels cold

  5. Your new painting is magnificent,dear friend!
    I love how you paint!
    Thank you for share it with us!! 😉
    I wait next one!! 😀

    Enjoy your week-end!!! 🙂

  6. I like the morning mist over the snowcapped mountains with the light of the sun shining. You’ve captured that early morning cool light perfectly.

  7. I love the dewy, misty early morning look of the valley and the mountain-side. It is my favorite part of the day and you have rendered it well. Good work!

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