Coral fish

So much hype about global warming and in conjunction to the awareness, last sunday (27th March) there is the 1hr lights out global initiative. Well some of the families around where i live did participate but the number is not encouraging, not sure if many not aware, forget or simply ignore. Well sooner or later we are all going to experience a whole lot of lights out scenario in the very near future with petroleum getting less and harder to find, rivers running dry and electrical power become a luxury. With the global warming, also impacted are the floral and fauna. Seems like with every degree of temperature rise, more of the species will die off and disappeared. Well, i sincerely hope all this grim scenario will never happen and our children will live to see all the beautiful coral fishes swimming around our shores and not in some aquarium.

Hope you enjoy this painting.


21 Responses to “Coral fish”

  1. The yellows against the purples and blues are beautiful in this, Francis. I like the believability of being underwater because you lightened the source of light at the top left. I also hope this will be around for children and grandchildren to see. Good post!

  2. Woooooooow.
    THis is amaizing!
    I love fishes!! πŸ˜‰
    Specialy those of acvarium!They inspired me a lot!
    Your new painting is magnificent!
    I like a lot the colors!
    Thank you for share it with us,my friend!

    Enjoy the moment!! πŸ™‚

  3. absurdoldbird Says:

    Very pretty painting.

    I don’t understand why money that is spent on things like plane flights (which contribute to the destruction of our environment) can’t be spent instead on desalination because, currently there is a lot of water in the sea…

    • Thanks Val Erde, i totally agreed with you. More effort, anger and money shd be spend on converving nature and improve all our lives. If we don’t save ourself, who else will come to our aid.

  4. Beautiful colors, Francis! I love the play of warm and cool, and the yellow – purple contrast. The wavy stripes show the water movement – very well done!

  5. I feel like I’m snorkeling in the beautiful ocean waters. I love the purple coral agains the mostly yellow fish. And the blue of the water is divine.

  6. Wow…. wow wow wow this is fabulous, the water looks great and the fish are fantastic. I love the colours you’ve used. Totally makes me feel like snorkelling.

  7. Get me my mask and snorkel! Loved it.

  8. Wonderful job on making it believable. I’m drying off now because I think the fish splashed a little water on me while viewing this blog. LOL. Beautiful colors, believable scene and another wonderful painting from you. Great job!

  9. The light coming through the water is wonderful. I love fish and your painting is colorful while still being gentle. Lovely.

  10. Great painting (water color) its beautiful. Nice work.

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