The grass is greener

Hi everyone, apologize for the long absent. Have some personnel challenge need to deal with, finally they are done and over.Now I can focus more on everyday routine. Don’t worry, i did not forget about this blog or any of my friends whom have come by and visit this blog, really appreciate it.

I guess in some point of our life no matter how old you are, there are times or even on multiple occasion where we need to put ourself down and evaluate or access our current goal and situation in life or on other aspect and make some correction, hopefully will eventually reached a place where we would dream of reaching.


22 Responses to “The grass is greener”

  1. Welcome back Francis!. I absolutely am fascinated with your painting of the grasshopper! Honestly, he looks real enough to jump off the page!…and your greens are very believable.

  2. Oh, you are back! How nice! And this painting is delightful! The light on the grasshopper and the grass is fantastic! Sometimes taking a break from art brings one’s art to a new plateau, seems that this is what happen with you here.

    Please share how did you achieve your wonderful darks! I hope your challenges are resolved or settled.

    • Thanks Alex, i’am glad to be back. Well the dark is achieve by running a few wash by mixing black with dark green. Since watercolor is transparent medium would need to do a few wash to achieve it.

  3. Firstly, welcome back, we missed you. Secondly, what a fantastic painting. It’s so full of life. The greens are wonderful and the sweep of the leaves make it vibrant!!!!

  4. Welcome back! Wow I was starting to wonder what happened. I hope all is well and things begin to go the direction of your dreams and hopes.
    This painting is great and has almost a modern style. Great colors and light. Welcome back and best wishes!

  5. Francis, welcome back. I was beginning to be concerned and am glad that you have worked out the issues…for now. Life is change and you can correct again. I love your painting. Green is a very difficult color to work with and you have done an excellent job. I expect to hear chirping! Linda

    • Thanks Linda, thanks again for your support. Well life is really dynamic and we do need to bounce back. Hope everything are well for you too. I actually don’t really fancy green but i’m happy they turn out ok.

  6. Hello there. I just wanted to say this is spectacular! 🙂

  7. Woooooooow.The green color is magnificent in this painting!
    I love it!
    Long time no talk,isn’t it? 🙂
    Welcome back,dear friend!!! 🙂

    Have a great day!!! 🙂

  8. Hope everything works out okay. Wish you all the best.

  9. That was a painting? You almost fooled me! I thought this was a no-painting post!

    • Ha..Ha, you flattered me. Yup this is still painting, i reference to a real photo (got it from flickers). Glad that you like it.

  10. You’ve managed to make the greens really vibrant & full of light. I like the dramatic contrast with the dark shadows. Also the delicacy of how you’ve painted the grasshopper against the large leaves contrasts well. It almost gives the impression of the world as we imagine it from a grasshopper’s viewpoint!

    • Thanks Sonya, I try to capture the light and the translucent body of the grasshopper as contrast to the dark serounding. The dark serounding is the challenge, can’t get dark enough and only suceed after a few wash of black mix with dark green and blue.

  11. Hi Francis, I haven’t been to your blog for quite a while. Have been busy myself. Hope all is well with you and your family. Somehow, I lost the bookmark of your URL in my favourites and now that I’m back on, GOSH! Your “chow-mek” is amazing!! It looks so real. How long did it take you to finish a painting like that? Take care…

    • Wow, long time din see you. I did balik to kuching during CNY but just for a week. I think i will post some of the CNY photo in my facebook. Also wich you and your family at Belgium well and healthy.

      • Hello, hello.. sorry for the late reply. Have been busy myself. Yeah, you’re right. We’ve not met for some yrs. Good to know that you were back in KCH for the CNY. Francis, I’m not on facebook anymore. I’ve deleted my account last mth, and have started my own blog. You can follow me in the link below –

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