Chinese Temple

We are into the chinese new year mode now, same day next week will be the new year celebration. Everyone getting ready for a long holiday and shopping malls are pack with shopper buying last minute supplies for the celebration. As for our brothers whom are non chinese, well they are also busy as this is also a national holiday so everyone have plans to go somewhere with family. I just wanted to wish everyone to have a great holiday and while on the road drive safely please.

The painting below shows a very old chinese temple (Tua Pek Kong) located just next to the Sarawak River. Every year, this temple will be filled with well wishes from all over the city praying for a better fortune and health for the coming year (This year will be the year of the Tiger). Burning of stick of incense will be seen all over the temple especially heavy during the 9th day of new year as this will be the start of the Hokkian new year. Hope i can captured the image before going back to Kuala Lumpur.

Hope you like this painting may the coming year of the Tiger bring good fortune, better health and abundent of happiness to everyone.


20 Responses to “Chinese Temple”

  1. This is a magnificent painting,Francis.
    I like all the colors and the informations about the new year celebration. πŸ™‚

    Have a special day,my friend! πŸ™‚

  2. This is a wonderfully colorful painting, Francis. Happy year of the Tiger! (I was born in the year of the monkey!)

    My friend Kung usually hosts a Chinese New Year dinner in Chinatown and I’m hoping he will do it again this year. It’s so much fun. I just wish I could still get red envelopes filled with money.

    • Thanks Carol. I’m born in the year of the pig. Yup hope your friend do host the dinner. Normally on the eve of the new year, the dinner is the most important occasion as family and friends get together as a reunion celebration. especially true for those whom meet only once per year, very emotional moment. Ya the red packet is call “ang pau”, well it’s a gesture of wishing the other person good fortune during the new year. Actually it’s mostly for kids or for very old folks, to wish them good health and happiness. Only given by married couple. So if you are single you will only receive it, not needed to give any.

  3. Francis, this is gorgeous. The color! I’m really impressed with the brushwork in the bowl of what holds the incense sticks. That took some time. What is this that Carol mentioned about red envelopes and money? Is that customary, also? Happy year of the tiger!

    • Thanks Leslie, yup the golden bowl did take a while as i need to make a few correction in order to get the design and the rough edges correct. Yup the red envelop “ang pau” is customary, all visitors get it. A sign of good gesture from the owner. And if the owner is visited by another Chinese married couple, that couple would need to give ang pau to the owner children. Happy year of the Tiger to you too and may the roar of the Tiger grow ever louder, a sign of strong and healthy year ahead for all of us.

  4. This is so colorful and festive. You have a really nice touch on capturing life and it’s people. All the best to you and your family in this coming year. I have also nominated you because of your wonderful talent, for the Sunshine Award, see details in my last blog. Great painting!

  5. Oh my gosh! This painting is gorgeous. So full of life and excitement.

  6. Francis! This one is a great painting! The way you worked colors makes it a happy occasion – a celebration! Thank you for your well wishes for the Chinese New Year, I am wishing for you health and happiness and artistic inspiration.

  7. Hi Francis, Hope everything is ok, you haven’t posted anything new lately. We are all missing you. πŸ™‚

  8. I hope all is well, you have not posted lately.

  9. Hi Francis,

    Thanks for leaving a note on my blog, and sorry for the late reply as you can see, I hardly touch that blog since the last post in Nov 09!!

    Just realized you’re from Kuching too. I’m now based in Singapore but still go back about twice a year. May be we can go out to paint when I go back πŸ™‚

  10. Oh wow, I love the color and texture of this! It’s lovely.

  11. So vibrant and captivating. I am not too familiar with Chinese customS but I enjoy the foods and looking at the scenic countrysides. I love this painting. The pot on the foreground immediately catch my attetion.

  12. Love this one also I love them all.

  13. Love this one also I love them all.

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