Broga Hill 2 – The misty side

This is another painting done on the same hill but from a different angle and under a different environment. I think the picture is take during early morning so distance fields are covered with fog and mists. Picture taken by Nicole. I highligted the tall grass which actually covered the entire hill.

Hope you like the painting.


15 Responses to “Broga Hill 2 – The misty side”

  1. Francis, this is so beautiful. I love the misty hills in the background and the detail in the foreground is remarkable. Linda

  2. What I like most about your last two posts has been your departure from city life for a couple paintings. This is beautiful, Francis. You really captured the perspective. I feel like I’m looking WAY down the hill. Nice fog.! Love the painting!

    • Thanks Leslie, you comment are very precies. This is actually a down hill perspective. I think my firend is capturing this scene while sitting on the rock or something and looking downward towards the valley and since it was early morning the valley is actually covered with fog.

  3. I like the beautiful nature from your country.You represent it very well in your paintings and this one remind me of my home(Roumania).
    10X for share it with us,Francis.

    Have a wonderful day!

    p.s:i wait next week too 🙂

    • Thanks Alina. Romania must have beautiful scenery to. Hopefully can have a change to visit there. You have a wonderfull day to.

  4. I think it’s beautiful 🙂 I look at it, or into it, and dream away…

    • Thanks for your nice poem. It’s a dream land, with the cool atmosphere and fog i guess one will get confuse if he or she is still dreaming. Thanks for coming by.

  5. Oohhh I love the misty foggy depth of it! The uncertainty of the horizon line where earth merges with the sky… The pale grasses and rocks… It is poetic.

  6. Your talent is tremendous and still growing! This has wonderful color, softness and distance. Amazing!

  7. Hi Francis, This is a beautiful landscape. I love the blues and greens and you really captured the mist/fog. I like looking down that hill and seeing the misty fields in the distance.

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