Broga Hill

This painting is done from reference photos of a few friends whom had done hiking to the Hill. I never thought there is a landscape as such just a few kilometers from KL city. Wide open area with low laying grass, it looks like some overseas scenery. Thanks to Pn. Nicole, En Meor and En Leong for your photo.

Hope you like this painting.


17 Responses to “Broga Hill”

  1. Francis, I do like the painting, particularly the big sky, big hill aspect of it. The composition is very unusual and interesting and the way you painted the grass is very skillful. Great painting. Linda

    • Hi Linda, thanks for coming by. Yup the hill slops is bit unusual as it curves towards the right side. Thanks again for your compliment. You have a good day.

  2. Francis, the depth in this is great. I believe you are truly a master of landscape. I like your distant hills or mts all blurred out in a beautiful sky. The foreground hill with it’s path and cap of trees. …and the little people are always a nice touch.

    • Hi Leslie, thanks for your gracious comment. Not a master yet, still a long way to go, hopefully can learn more skills from your work. Yup, i do like doing the little people, they are really fun to do. But of course not too many. I still remember your detail works on small people in “Soldier Field at Night” Now that is hard to do.

  3. It is lovely, Francis! I like variations of green and a little figure in the foreground. I am also attracted to trees silhouetted at the top of the hill, I like how loose and misty they are.

    • Thanks Alex. More of this hill will come soon. This time more mist and fog. Still work in progress, hope can finished it by end of the week.

  4. This is an unusual subject in landscape painting. The eyes leads you from the base of the painting to the top of the hill. Though the hill top stands at almost in the middle, it is not symmetric. So I believe the composition sits well. You notice the people hiking,the grasses and the distant hills as your eyes wander around on the scenery. I love how you have rendered the sky. Well done!

    • Thanks Raji, I’m glad you like this painting. Yup, in the beginning i find it hard to adjust to the composition but once i start to settle down and fill in color i find it fun finishing it, especially rendering the grass and the sky.

  5. this is something really great.
    the nature it’s soo beautifull just like this painting.
    10X for share it with us,Francis!

    Have a great day!! šŸ™‚

  6. What a lush landscape. The hill seems enormous with the hikers on it. I bet getting to the top is a good workout!

  7. Hi Carol, i hope by the time i reply this you have fully recovered and back to yourself again. If not wish you well soonest. Yup the hill is really big,actually there are few corners where the hiker can go to, from my friend pictures they do look tired but i guess it’s worthwhile seeing all this beauty.

  8. Oh, this is so beautiful! I love the green hills and the detailed grass. It’s lovely!

  9. I am really inspired by your work along with others and I want to start painting. With water color and tips also I am a beginner. I love paintings and water color in particular because its easy to use well so I believe. Your work is really great, excellent!!!

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