Time for ais cream

This is a painting of one of the oldest existing ice cream parlor in Kuching City. Since my primary school (1970s)days it was already there serving faboulus soft vanila ice cream, not icy or sweet. Just soft, creamy and smooth.

There are also famous for it’s home made bread. One of their all time favourite would be ice cream tuck in between two slice of bread, the benana split and vanila with peanuts. They are all irrisistable and that is why there is always people queing at the store. Hope you enjoy this painting.

I have done some sketches of me and my friend eating at this shop Link.


9 Responses to “Time for ais cream”

  1. Hi Francis,

    I love your paintings of small “slices of life” from your country. Makes me feel like I’ve visited.

    And who doesn’t love some nice creamy vanilla ice cream?

    I like how you captured the line of people patiently waiting for their sweet treat. Some things are the same no matter where one lives!

  2. I would like to taste abit ice cream right now 🙂
    Your paintings are just great.
    The face expressions to the people from your town transmit me lot of joy.
    Thank you,Francis 🙂

    Have fun and i wait next week 😉

  3. Everything you do gives me a feeling that I may have been there, Francis.I remember your sketches and clicked on them again to see you guys filling your faces! 🙂 Nice painting. You do your city proud.

    • Thanks Leslie, yup i really do miss my hometown but soon will be going back for Chinese New Year. Yup those are really fun days enjoying ourself and making silly faces. Well it’s a stress free city..almost. Hope it stay that way for a long time to come.

  4. that is sooo nice… i really like the stand… it makes me want icecream… really bad… he he… i like it!!!

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