Melon Time

What a way to start the new year with some fresh fruit straight from the local market. This painting is done on Kuching local market located near the old Gambier street. Till today the local fruit vendor is still a popular spot to buy local produced fruits. It comes with the seasons, sometimes its the durians and mangosteen populate the scene but other time it’s some other fruits. Here in the the painting it’s the watermelon, normally there are two types, the one with the stripe and the one without. Well under the hot sun,best is to have a cooled watermelon to bite on.
Hope you enjoy this painting.


12 Responses to “Melon Time”

  1. Francis. I remember the night market piece you did and the durians. I like this too. You are a fantastic scene painter and I am really impressed with your use of color. Every little lightbulb, also. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thanks Leslie. Actually i try to catch the sun light especially from those coming on top of the tents and on those melons. Ya the light bulbs are really tiny and i really need to be extra careful with them.

  2. Fruits are my favorite specially now after New Year 🙂
    You was represented very well the local market. It’s almost like real.

    Have fun!!

  3. Hi Francis, I like this painting very much. While being simple, it gives me a feeling of exotic (for me) location. Where is this market, what country? I like it how you worked the depth of the tent and the sunlight coming through the canvas of the roof. I also like that there is unfinished white on our left side, it prompts me to go in the direction of the tent, your composition works.

    You did very well on this.

  4. Totally agree with Leslie, you are a fantastic artist. I enjoy that you paint life and the everyday living of life. Also, if you’re ever in Indiana we are supposed to have the best melons in the world in Posey County, Indiana. The tomatoes, watermelon and cantaloupe are the best you will find in flavor.

    • Thanks Ryan, i’m glad you like this painting. Yup there’s still so many things to paint especially in everyday life. Your watermelon sounds great. Well if i really do go there i sure will go during those fruits seasons. I sure like to try what they taste like, thanks for sharing.

  5. Francis, another beautiful watercolor and what a great composition with all the dark blue on one side and the white of the paper on the other.

    • Thanks Carol, ya i done this on a sketch notepad 130g paper. I was surprise it could hold so much so i’m determine to finished all 20 pages of it. Hopefully with some meaning full painting.

  6. Hi Francis, this is such a charming scene. I haven’t done any paintings that involves day to day life but whenever I see on, I always find myself enjoying the scene. I hope one day I get to paint scenes like this. Did you leave out the sky and greeneries on purpose?

    • Hi Raji, thanks for coming by. Yup those are left blank on purpose as i wan viewer to focus on the activity on the stall. I’am glad you like this painting. Actually street scene is very enjoying to paint it’s feels like you are involved with their activity too but just not get into too complex, sometimes i do that and the painting became too difficult to finish. Just try it once and i’m sure you will like it too.

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