Open Air Market

Thought of finishing some painting related to new year celebration but i guess i can’t finished it on time, but will try to post them up may be this weekend. So instead i puting up this one which shows the landmark of my home town. It is one of Kuching famous landmark, not sure about the history of this place have exist since the 1960s. I think it used to be some sort of fire brigate with the training tower. Nowadays it’s an eating place, famous for it’s “sio bee” or pork dim sum. The painting is referenced from a picture i captured a while ago, it’s middle of morning with stong sun shining and long shadow overcast from the taller bilding (the Electra House) next to the market. Hope you like this painting.


8 Responses to “Open Air Market”

  1. This is so cool, Francis. My eye zeros in on that foreground car and then slides right up the tower. Is the restaurant in the tower or the section of the building below? Nice composition.

  2. Thanks Leslie, the restaurant is located at the base of the tower. Actually it’s not really a restaurant but an array of food stalls selling various kind of food and they open till very late at night. Well in my country most of the people like to go for a late night snack and that is also why it’s quite hard to keep good diet…hahaha

  3. Another terrific painting, Francis.
    What types of food can be found there? I Love food!

    • Lots and lots of food.There are this small pork dumplings stall (always fill with people), then there is the assorted fried dishes, i think they are best known for their pork legs and friend tomato “kuih tiau” a type of noodle more like flatten fettuccine and not to forget the vege with boil squid. Hahaha..well some of it i can’t even describe, those you need to see it for yourself and try it.

  4. I like your open air market. I can smell the dumplings from here!

    The markers you’ve indicated in the street give this painting a feeling of movement.

    • Thanks Carol. Ya, i smell them too, can;t wait to go back to hometown. Chinese New Year is around the conner, soon i will be back there. Hey..may be i post some picture of myself eating the dumping for all to see. That would be fun.

      • That would be great to see a picture of you enjoying dumplings. I have a friend here who hosts a Chinese New Year dinner every year and we always have the best time. So much food!

  5. Oh my soundind and smelliing gooooood!

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